New College Durham

Year of project: 2022

Project specification:

Commercial & Industrial Interiors Ltd were commissioned by New College Durham to refurbish the main entrance area including creating a new circular reception desk at the rear of an existing lift shaft which had previously been a redundant empty space.

When the company they had earmarked for the work let them down at a critical point in the project, they turned to Ambic to save the day. Once they found out about our impressive manufacturing capability, they approached Ambic to step in and meet a very challenging timescale for completion.

The worktop surfaces were created with a solid surface material which was bonded and sealed as a solid unit, and shaped by heating it in our powder coating oven to create the curved design. This has a created an impressive looking reception desk that is non-porous and easy to clean, while also being repairable in sections to avoid having to replace the entire installation.

Ambic also created the steel canopy above the reception complete with acoustic panels which serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Many of our apprentices attend New College Durham so it was satisfying to contribute to their learning environment with an impressive public facing feature.

Why did the client choose Ambic?:  Ambic were able to step in when another contractor had let the client down and complete the work to exact specification within a very tight timeframe.

Outcome: The project was delivered in about half the time a typical project of this type would normally take in order to meet the client’s needs and remained within budget.



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