Northumbria University, Pyschology Department

Year of project: 2022

Project specification:

The University of the Year Northumbria University needed to remodel part of their pyschology Department into a hub of various specific bespoke areas according to function. It comprised 9 different Biophysics and Pyschophysics rooms as specialised as an EEG & Eye Tracking Laboratory, control room and other test rooms. Ambic manufactured benching, cabinets and wash areas across all the rooms. Due to unforeseen circumstances during to the remodelling project,

Ambic were relied on to complete the installation within record time – from initial drawings being approved through to manufacture and fitting was a period of only two weeks. While we don’t normally operate within such tight timescales, it just shows our capability when clients need us to pull out all the stops.

Why did the client choose Ambic?:  Ambic had the specialist capability to produce laboratory furniture to the exact scientific specification.

Outcome: The project was delivered on time and within budget



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